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Round 3 - Strongest in Southern Tasmania, Strongest in Tasmania

Round 3 of Tasmania's Strongest Series.  We crown the Strongest in Southern Tasmania, Strongest in Tasmania and Series Winner all in one huge day!

Events list

   Carry medley for time (frame, yoke, hussafel stone)

   Keg throw for distance

   Axle Clean & Jerk for reps in 75sec

   Sandbag carry for distance in 90sec

   2rep max deadlift (rising bar/last person standing)

Carry medley

Carry 3 different implements 10m for time. Athlete starts by running 10m to pick up the frame and carry it back to the start line. After placing the frame completely over the line, they then turn and run 10m again to pick up the yoke, which they then carry to the start line. After placing the yoke completely over the line, they turn and run 10m again to pick up the hussafel stone, which they then carry to the start line. Once the athlete crosses the line with the stone their time is recorded. May use belts, sleeves, wraps but no sprays, tacky, suits or straps.

Time cap = 90sec

Keg throw

Athletes will throw a keg as far as they can, with 3 attempts being granted. A marked off area will be given and the athlete must start and finish their throw with at least one foot in the area. The area is 3m x 2m. You may use any method to throw the keg, however you must not let both your feet leave the defined area. Chalk is allowed but no sprays or tacky. May use throwing spikes or football boots.

3 attempts for max distance

Axle C&J

Athletes will be given an axle to clean and press over their heads as many times in 75sec as possible. Standard olympic sized bumpers will be used and the weight will be pulled from the ground. For a repetition to count, weight must be completely stationary on the ground before attempting a repetition. Athletes must also lock their arms out overhead and have knees and hips locked out with feet flat and side by side (not in a split position) before letting the bar down to the ground. Dumping is allowed. Chalk, belts, sleeves, wraps allowed, but no tacky, suits or straps. If unsure about legal gear, please contact us.

Time cap = 75sec

Sandbag Carry

Athletes must pick and carry a sandbag as far as possible in 90sec. Course and turns will be advised on the day.

Time cap = 90sec

Treadlift for 2reps

Athletes must deadlift an axle set in between 2 tyres for 2reps. If the athlete is unable to complete 2reps, they are eliminated. A half point will be awarded to those able to complete 1rep but not the second, however they will still be eliminated from the next round. There are designated buy-in weights prescribed, athletes will take turns lifting the load on the bar until they are eliminated, with the load increasing every round until the last person standing is unable to complete their rep/s. Bar is approximately 18” off the ground (approximately). Belt, straps, wraps, sleeves, chalk all ok, but no tacky, sprays or suits allowed.

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Static Monsters Event for Tasmania

The Static Monsters

Global Event Info:

Pay for rego:


The Static Monsters event is here to showcase the greatest levels of Static Strength in the world! The two most respected lifts in Strength sports, the deadlift and the log lift are on the cards to prove who is the mightiest of the strongmen and strongwomen.

The Maximum Axle Deadlift is as simple as it comes in strongman, pick up the heaviest weight you can, just make sure you pick up more than the next competitor! Why an axle, because we need to make it a little harder and a little more unique than the regular barbell deadlift.

The maximum log lift is the pinnacle of pressing tests on the planet. With the popularity of the World Loglift Championships it goes to show the following this one pressing event has in the strongman sport.

The name Static Monsters comes from the combination of a test of Static Strength, the press and the deadlift as well as the sheer ability of these competitors to move monstrous amounts of weight. You will not see weights lifted of this size in another other competition in the world!

Want to see how you stack up in Tasmania/Australia/The World?

Global Event Info:

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Log Diameters:
- Womens log diameters between 8 inches and 10 inches (20 to 26cms)
- Mens log diameters between 10 inches and 12 inches (25 to 31cms)

Distance between Handles:
- 60 to 70cms.

Bar diameter:
- 50mm maximum, 47mm minimum

Pickup height:
- Centre of bar – 45cms
- Top of bar 47.5cms

Bottom of bar:
- No higher than 42.5cms

Entries available directly from Strongman Tasmania. 

Global Event Info:

Pay for rego:


Fill out your entry form here

Check out the official rules and all other events at:




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Round 2, 2016 - Strongest in Northern Tasmania

Round 2 will be held at CrossFit Agema in Launceston.

Entries are available at the links below.
Pricing is $10 cheaper per round and $30 cheaper for the series for ASA Members.  Not an ASA member yet? visit their page and join up.

$ 150 Full Series - ASA member

$ 180 Full series - non-ASA

$50 Casual Round 2 - ASA member 

$60 Casual Round 2 - non-ASA

Don't forget to fill out our waiver for entry. 

Event 1:
Sled Harness Pull

Event 2:
Ground to over head medley
Axel Bar
Mercy Bar

Event 3:
Mystery Event

Event 4:
Farmers - 3 attempts for max weight over 10m

Event 5: 
Sandbag medley - move multiple sandbags over a distance

More details about each event can be found here

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Round 1, 2016 - Strongest in North-West Tasmania

Round 1 will be held at Move Strong Gymnasium in Devonport.  

Entries are available at the links below.
Pricing is $10 cheaper per round and $30 cheaper for the series for ASA Members.  Not an ASA member yet? visit their page and join up.

$ 150 Full Series - ASA member

$ 180 Full series - non-ASA

$50 Casual Round 1 - ASA member 

$60 Casual Round 1 - non-ASA

2015 saw the inaugural Tasmanian Strongman Series played out with outstanding result! It was amazing to see so many beginners and seasoned athletes take part, I’m sure we all felt the camaraderie and competitive spirit. Many lifelong bonds were forged and we at Strongman Tasmania felt proud to bring the Series to you all.

This year we will be doing something a little bit different. We’ll be running our series in conjunction with the crowning of several regional ‘Most Strongest’ men and women. The first competition will be held in Devonport, with the winning male and female crowned Strongest in North-West Tasmania. There will be additional competitions held around the State, with the strongest in Southern Tasmania (Hobart), Central Tasmania (Launceston) and finally the strongest in Tasmania itself. Again, there will be the four competitions. We do of course have several other big things planned but we’ll announce them in due course.

So it is with excitement that we at Strongman Tasmania, announce, the first competition, Round 1 Tasmanian Strongman Series will be on June 18th in Devonport.

The events will be as follows:

   Yoke & Farmers medley

   Log (ascending weights)

   3 stones over yoke series

   Double overhand Mercy Bar deadlifts for reps

   Keg bear hug carry

Detailed information can be found here

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