Static Monsters 2019
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Static Monsters 2019

This event will take place at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds again.







The Static Monsters is a World Wide Event that tests an athletes maximum push/pull ability via log press and axel deadlift.

The event will start at 10am.  Entry includes access to the Show. 

The Static Monsters is a World Wide Event that tests an athletes maximum push/pull ability via log press and axel deadlift.

From the website:

The Static Monsters

The Static Monsters was put together as a small Strongman Style Push/Pull competition in November 2015 by Strongman Gold Coast and Coco’s Gym. With the Log Lift and the Axle Deadlift being iconic strength sports events and also being well known and practiced among strongman athletes, it was the perfect fit to get people to have a go. The competition was then opened up to allow more people to be able to compete against eachother under the same rules and conditions. Year two we had 9 events across 3 countries.

October 28 and 29, 2017 saw 29 events happen across 9 countries with a total of 397 competitors. This meant that for both consecutive years the event has more than tripled in size by both events and competitor numbers. Going on the same path we could see over 1400 competitors from 80 plus events by the end of 2018. Also added to the Static Monsters group of events for 2017 was The Static Monsters World Championships. Competitors from around the world that placed in the top ten of their weight class would qualify (2017 Monster totals are Here(Women) and Here (Men). On May 20th 2018, 80 competitors from around the world will compete in 8 weight classes in the Gold Coast Arts centre for the biggest Log and Deadlift competition to ever be held.

The Static Monsters is now the biggest strongman event of its kind in the world and will continue to grow. It gives new athletes the opportunity to try competing for the first time without the barrier of having to learn too many events. it also gives experienced athletes some goals to compete for as well as being able to compete against the best athletes in the world all under the same conditions and rules despite being across the world.

We look forward to seeing this event grow and create opportunites for event organisers and strength sports enthusiasts for years to come.

Chad Croft

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Tasmania's Strongest Man/Woman Competition at Festival of Strength

Tasmania’s premiere Strongman/Strongwoman competition will this year be on 14th September 2019. We will crown the Strongest in Tasmania yet again at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds betting pavilion.

Visit for spectator tickets.

Entry Costs:

Non-ASA member: $95

ASA Member: $80

To Enter simply click the link above

Event Details
1. Hercules Hold

2. Yoke Medley

3. Log for Reps

4. Stone Ladder

5. Mystery Event (TBA 1 week out)

This is our qualifier for the 2020 ASA Nationals. The top 3 in each division will receive invites to compete.

Detailed Event Details

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7:00 AM07:00

Event 5 @ Tasmania's Strongest @ Festival of Strength

Event 5: Axel Deadlift
Time Cap: 90 Seconds
Scoring: Reps Completed.

In this event, athletes must complete as many reps as possible on an axel bar deadlift. Straps are fine. Deadlift suits are not allowed. Each rep must be reset to the judges call.

Men Under 80kg - 160kg
Men Under 90kg - 180kg
Men Under 105kg - 200kg
Men Over 105kg - 220kg
Women Under 62.5kg - 100kg
Women Under 72.5kg - 120kg
Women Under 82.5kg - 130kg
Women Over 82.5kg - 140kg

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Competition 2 - Northern Tasmania
9:30 AM09:30

Competition 2 - Northern Tasmania

Event list is:

  1. Circus Dumbell for max reps in 60 seconds (any arm)

  2. Mercy bar static hold for time (weights to increase every 30 seconds)

  3. Sled Push/Pull for time

  4. OH Medley (olympic barbell, mercy barbell, axel barbell, log (rep out in time).

  5. Super Yoke 10m for max over 3 attempts (no drops will be permitted on any attempt to continue).

Entries now available:

$75 for Non-ASA Members

$55 for ASA Members

Not an ASA Member yet? Jump over to here and join up

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z WomensScores.png
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2:00 AM02:00

2019 Strongman Event Details

2019 Schedule

Competition 1: At CrossFit Resonate April 13th, 2019.

Competition 2: at CrossFit Agema, June 22nd, 2019

Competition 3: At Festival of Strength, September 14, 2019


Entry Fees

Price (Non ASA Member) $75 per comp

Price (ASA Member) $55 per comp


Link to Purchase Ticket


“Tasmania’s Strongest” – Festival of Strength, September 14th, 2019

All athletes who compete in either event 1 or 2 during 2019 will get priority access to Festival of Strength tickets.  After event 2 is finished, competitors will be given access to pre-sales tickets for “Tasmania’s Strongest” at Festival of Strength.  Once that period expires (2 weeks) the competition will be open for others to enter.  If the numbers cap on competitors is reached prior, no extra spots will be available.

The competition at the Festival of Strength will be our premiere competition and will be reflected as such in weights and events.


Weight Classes

In 2019 all events will follow ASA weight categories.

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